Men In Black 3 Director Barry Sonnenfeld To Direct Adaptation Of DC’s Metal Men

Do you know what Metal Men is? No, me either. But anyway, news has broke via Vulture that director of the Men In Black trilogy Barry Sonnenfeld is in talks with Warner Bros/DC to direct an adaptation of their 60’s comic book series, The Metal Men. The series focuses on,

“an artificial-intelligence expert named William Magnus who creates six cyborgs, each made from a distinct chemical element with talents reflecting their places in the periodic table: Gold, their leader, was almost infinitely stretchable; Iron, the strongman; Lead, the simpleton protector; Mercury, the capricious risk-taker who could melt into the tiniest crevices; Platinum, a female cyborg who could flatten herself but who couldn’t believe she wasn’t a real woman.”

So yeah, it sounds like a tough sell to the general public but could be pretty damn cool if done right. It is quite annoying that instead of making movies for Wonder Woman and Flash, DC opt to make a movie about a little known 1960’s-comic book series, but it all comes down to the quality of the film. What do you think? Sound off below.

SOURCE: Vulture

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  • Dane Ingham

    Bring on something different! I’d rather DC take their time with the better properties and give us some ‘typical superhero’ breathing room.