‘Mass Murderer of Steel’ Game Features More Superman Innocent Killing Awesomeness!

If you enjoyed the mass destruction of Metropolis in Man of Steel, a new game titled Mass Murderer of Steel by Kyle Baker allows you to recreate the beautiful destruction and wonderfully high death toll! Destroy all of Metropolis with little care for the civilians injured, just like in the flick!

Historically Superman has always been a protector of the innocent- but in today’s society, protecting civilians is BOOOORING! The death of entire cities is all the rage baby!

This new video game is created by one of my favorite creators, Kyle Baker. Baker is an Eisner award winner known for his work on Plastic Man , Deadpool MAX, Captain America: The Truth, and the graphic novels Why I Hate Saturn, Nat Turner: Revolution and Birth of a Nation: A Comic Novel (with my man Reggie Hudlin and Aaron McGruder).

Check out the game by visiting Baker’s website HERE. Just click Superman and General Zod and prepare to watch the blood fly! For added fun, make sure to fight in the most populated areas- just like Superman does in the movie!

This is the official description:


Enjoy high-flying mass destruction as you ignore the hideous death screams of the millions you are pledged to save! Use your super powers to wage a never-ending battle for self-important allegorical bombast! Bludgeon your senses into numbed awe!

TOTALLY safe for work!


Jay Deitcher, LMSW(@mrdeitcher) is an educator on comic history and runs successful Free Comic Book Day events yearly.  You can see a listing of his incredible articles at JayDeitcher.com.