Marvel’s THE AVENGERS Pixar -ized

As soon as Marvel officially joined ranks with the greater Disney pantheon, the world wide interwebs was inundated with thousands of pieces of fan art, ranging from an adorable Hulk the Pooh to creepier fare, like Cruella De-Galactus. As we all know, one of the coolest partners under the Disney umbrella is PIXAR, so it was only a matter of time before Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, THE AVENGERS,  were combined with glorious butt chins and disproportionate legs to ass ratios (as the animation studio is wont to do).

Now, I don’t want to choose favorites from this lot of amazing work, but if I was absolutely forced to select a specific piece, it would have to be Thor. I don’t know if it’s because fo my questionable man crush or if he’s simply the superior Pixar translation, but ol’ Goldilocks wins this round in my book!

SOURCE: MinionFactory