MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Gets the Ancient Egyptian Treatment

No, hooks haven’t been stuffed up its nose and its brains haven’t been pulled out – the movie has been retold in hieroglyphics!

A wise man once tweeted that Mad Max: Fury Road would stick in pop culture for years to come, while Jurassic World will play Tuesday nights on TNT. I unfortunately cannot remember their username but they are damn right. You only have to take a look at all the cool stuff on the internet that has come as a result of the Road Warrior’s latest appearance and that continues with this awesome piece from artist Takmi. Check ’em out.

mad max fury road hieroglyphics

Great. Now I just want to watch the movie again.

As he calls it, this is ‘The Myth of Mad Max,’ and admittedly the movie does have a myth-like quality to it. It has no distinct setting or time, no expansive lore beyond what’s presented in the film; the story just happens which is such a rarity these days that it feels weird at first. Fan theories have even been presented suggesting that the Max we see in the movie isn’t even the Max, but rather another man who is carrying on the legend of the Road Warrior. I like that idea.

The movie only came out three months ago, and while it was a decent financial success ($374m worldwide) it was moreso a critical and fan success. Cosplay and art like this is everywhere which is a testament to how good a job George Miller did. Man of Steel 2? Pssh. Give me Mad Max 2 (5).

mad max fury road

If you’re in desperate need of another wasteland-kick, then be sure to pick up Mad Max: Fury Road when it hits home video on September 1st – only a couple of days away!