Lex Luthor Confirmed For BATMAN VS SUPERMAN And New Batsuit Teased

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During the Man of Steel fan event hosted by Kevin Smith. Director Zack Snyder talked about Lex Luthor always calling Superman an alien. Which Kevin Smith replied as a “spoiler”, giving the impression that Lex is for sure for Batman Vs Superman. Something we’ve all speculated since the release of Steel. His company LexCorp is all over the film. There had been some rumblings that Bryan Cranston and Mark Strong were in the running. However, the source was bunk leading to both actors denying their involvement. Not to mention legitimate sources saying that the original story was totally made up. There is a new Lex rumor coming from ComicBookMovie which has a better track record. They say that Lost’s Terry O’Quinn (Old School, Young Guns) could end up in the role.


Another tidbit comes from Kevin Smith, who said he has seen the new Batman suit. While we don’t get a huge description during a podcast the name Jim Lee is apparently bleeped. Allowing us to assume that Jim Lee’s take on Batman will likely be the source for his new look in the film. The thing is that Lee has drawn a couple of costumes for Bats. One being the grey and blue Batsuit along with the super alloy (a mix of Nolan/Miller suits) one from the 52. Both suits felt inspired by Frank Miller’s Batsuits from The Dark Knight Returns.

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Source: CBM