Leaked Video of Battle Sequence From THOR THE DARK WORLD

The last few days have been an Asgardian deluge of news and photos as filming of a massive battle scene for THOR: THE DARK WORLD is underway in Britain’s Bourne Woods.

Well, we’ve got another round of goodies for you today, and this time it’s a proper video! Check out Chris Hemsworth in all of his Mjolnir flinging glory below:

Norse gods, if you’re listening, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…

Let this be as good as it looks.

Between the billows of siege smoke and the rust covered warriors, I think Thor is in for one hell of an awesome Viking adventure (though I still miss the sci-fi ladened Branagh original).

Do you dig the new Norse look, or are your hoping for some more of the “Space God” perspective?