Ellen Page Wants a KITTY PRYDE MOVIE

In a recent interview with Vulture.com Ellen Page expressed interest in a Kitty Pryde movie. As also stated in the article (and a number of past interviews) Joss Whedon would be interested in creating and directing the movie. Ellen has proven to be a good actress in movies like Juno and Inception. Joss can write strong heroins, as we all know from Buffy and Dollhouse.

The pairing of Ellen Page’s Kitty Pryde and Joss Whedon’s strong writing and directing skills does sound like it could make an interesting movie, but I still would be concerned.

This has nothing to do with Kitty Pryde. I really like her to be honest, she’s interesting, stong willed, and a good person. Her power is very useful and, when used right, bad-ass. She even goes on to become President of the United States in X-Men: The End. My problem with the idea of a Shadowcat movie is more of continuity with the past few X-Men movies. What would they do with Colossus and Iceman? You cannot make a movie about Kitty without at least attempting to address her relationship with Colossus. In X2 and The Last Stand Kitty and him seem to be friendly, but not in a romantic way (and I’m pretty sure that Colossus can’t talk in the movies or something).

Another problem is Iceman and Rouge’s relationship. While I had no problem with the love triangle between Rouge, Iceman, and Pryde, in a new movie they would just really complicate things. Would Kitty and Iceman be together in this movie? Would Iceman be in it? Would Rouge? Because if they have a movie based 100% on an X-Men love triangle I might cry from shame for the great franchise.

One thing that I would like to see though would be the inclusion of Lockheed, Kitty’s pet alien dragon. They could even go into the entire story of how they met on the Brood home world and how they grew to trust each other. The major problem is that I just described a really bad children’s movie. If they made Kitty Pryde into a kids movie… well see above.

So to conclude, as great as a Joss Whedon movie about Shadowcat staring Ellen Page could have been, but because of the past few movies it would be a failure.

SOURCE: Vulture