Kevin Fiege Comments On Iron Man 3 And Teases 2014 Movie

In another exercept from his interview with Empire Magazine, Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Fiege said that we won’t see Tony Stark deal with his alcholism in Iron Man III and the story Demon in a Bottle will not be adapted in any way, gave a small update on where Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk will go in the future (also confirming that Banner won’t show up in the threequel) and have a hint towards the identity of the mystery 2014 movie.

“He’s not an alcoholic in the movies. Maybe one day that’s a deeper story, but we’re not going to do it unless we can make it a full-focused plot.”

“It’s a fool’s errand to continue to try to top spectacle. We don’t equate bigger with better. It’s Tony’s most personal journey since he was trapped in a cave in the first half of the first movie, but it’ll also have the largest spectacle of any of the Iron Man movies.”

“I hope we will see more of his Tony Stark in the future, but the focus right now is on Iron Man 3.”

“We will see the Ruffalo Hulk in future. I don’t know when or how, exactly, but he’s an interesting character, and so many new avenues have opened up. But now in the movies, who’s gonna pop up where? You’re never quite sure.”

“Our next stepwill be to introduce a character outside the Avengers’ world.”

So it’s a CHARACTER (that rules out Guardians of the Galaxy) and not related to the Avengers-world, which rules out Ant-Man. I guessed the movie wouldn’t be about the latter a few months ago, but it’s nice to have confirmation. My money’s on Doctor Strange. What do you think? Sound off below.

SOURCE: Empire Magazine (via CBM)