Kevin Feige Says DOCTOR STRANGE Movie Is On Its Way


Marvel Studios co-president Kevin Feige’s a massive fan of the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. He’s campaigned for a Strange movie since the first Iron Man flick, and even though he’s often stated “I love Doctor Strange, but we’re not working on it”, he’s finally yielded a bit of important info.

“Doc Strange, as I’ve been saying for years, is a movie I believe we should make — we’re just figuring out how to make it a great movie. It is in active development right now,” Feige told us. “Whether that’s one of the movies we announce for 2016 or 2017, we have to see. I think it’ll be the middle of next year before we announce officially what the post Ant-Man films will be.



With the bit of Punisher and Daredevil news we brought you yesterday, it seems as though Marvel Studios is working hard on a post Avengers cinematic universe. They’ve assembled their Marvel Knights lineup (imagine a team of gutter level Avengers), and considering Doctor Strange’s tangential relationship to that group of superhero misfits, he’s a perfect addition to a “Dark Age” Phase 4 or Phase 5 plan.

Now, it wouldn’t be a proper post without some casting speculation. I’ve long said that Jeff Goldblum would make a terrific Doctor Strange, although Sam Rockwell would be equally fitting for the role.

Who else would you like to see? The fact that Paul Rudd’s an honest candidate for Ant-Man confirms that YES! Marvel’s still as tenacious as ever, and they’ll continue to cast against type, a tactic which produces terrific results. With that in mind, I would love to see anybody EXCEPT Johnny Depp in this role. How many times has he portrayed a weird, occult affiliated weirdo in the past?

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  • matt

    i want to see Timothy Olyphant… he is one bad dude

  • Spinner

    Luke Evans as Dr. Strange! Luke Evans como el Dr. Extraño! 卢克埃文斯怪博士!Люк Эванс в роли доктора странно! لوقا ايفانز في
    دكتور غريب! Luke Evans, όπως ο Δρ Strange! לוקע עוואַנס ווי ד”ר מאָדנע! ドクターストレンジとしてルーク·エヴァンス!Luke Evans jako Dr Strange! ლუკა Evans როგორც დოქტორი უცნაური,닥터 스트레인지로 루크 에반스! לוק אוונס כד”ר מוזר! डॉ. अजीब के रूप में ल्यूक इवांस! Lucas Evans bilang Dr Kakaibang! Luke Evans kiel Dr Strange!