JURASSIC WORLD 2 is Stompin’ its Way to Theaters


The Jurassic Park franchise has always been a difficult one to get right. It’s hard to find a premise which doesn’t simply resort back to “getting chased by dinosaurs in the jungle” and figuring out convoluted ways to get characters back on the original island, or getting a T-Rex in San Francisco. Jurassic World turned out to be a fun ride which also had a huge character problem. While director Colin Trevorrow won’t be back behind the camera for this next movie, he will be back behind the computer screen with his partner Derek Connolly, so maybe those issues which we had with it will still be present in Jurassic World 2. Oh, joy.

Executive producer Steven Spielberg and stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard return for Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment’s JURASSIC WORLD SEQUEL, a follow-up to one of the biggest blockbusters in the history of cinema.  Producer Frank Marshall once again joins Spielberg in leading the team of filmmakers for the next chapter in the franchise.  The film will be written by Jurassic World’s director, Colin Trevorrow, and Derek Connolly.  Spielberg will be joined by Trevorrow as executive producer.

I would much rather Trevorrow direct again and they bring in another writer. The script proved to be the biggest problem of the movie; in terms of direction he did a good job. Chris Pratt’s lead character had no… well, character. He was simply your stereotypical, handsome, badass lead. What’s his background? What’s he like? What’s his arc? None of those questions were answered in the movie. Bryce Dallas Howard’s character (whom  I’ve forgotten the name of already) had something resembling an arc, but it was merely her learning that she should be a mother or something ridiculous. Give me Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm over a dull animal trainer and a stupid executive any day.

Unfortunately, the general masses don’t seem to agree with me. Jurassic World bested The Avengers‘ opening weekend by a couple of million firmly putting it at the top spot on that list, and it recently stole its place at #3 on the highest-grossing-films-of-all-time list with $1.5B to its name. It’s been a monstrous success that nobody could have predicted so of course there was going to be a sequel. The question is what it will be about. There was some sequel set-up done with B.D. Wong’s character, Doctor Wu, who turned out to be a bit of a dick and is absolutely fine with bringing dinosaur embryos to the mainland and splicing DNA to create more Indominus Rexes – or their distant cousins.

Because of this I’m fairly certain that the sequel will once again bring dinosaurs to the mainland, mirroring The Lost World, however we’ll hopefully see a lot more dinosaurs there this time and a lot less time spent on Isla Nublar/Sorna, if any. Pratt and Howard’s characters also ended up together at the end so maybe by the time the sequel rolls around they will be starting a family or something along those lines and get roped back into the conflict. Maybe we’ll even see Grant and Malcolm pop up again! There are a lot of roads they can take this movie, but they all lead to the same destination of dinosaur destruction.

I just hope those fucking kids don’t show up again.