Josh Trank Confirmed for Fantastic Four Reboot

Josh Trank in action

It was rumoured for quite some time and then seemingly debunked when Josh Trank signed on for video game adaptation, Shadow of Colossus, and Marvel comic’s Venom, but it is now official that Josh Trank will be tasked with bringing Marvel’s premier family to the silver screen.

After finding phenominal success with his found footage super hit, Chronicle, Trank became the most wanted director for a number of studios with comic book properties, it had seemed that Sony had snatched him up with their proposed Venom spin-off but Fox have pulled out all the stops to get him to reboot the Fantastic Four franchise.

Will Trank be able to replicate his chronicle success with The Fantastic Four, or do you think he’s a one hit wonder? Only time will tell, but one things for sure, it can’t be worse than the previous attempts at a Fantastic Four film….. or can it?


Source: Deadline