James Mangold Gives His Thoughts On WOLVERINE 3 And Why He Included The Classic Costume

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Hugh Jackman and James Mangold have been pretty coy when asked about what direction Wolverine 3 could be going. However, IGN was able to get a lot more information out of Mangold than previous interviews. James goes into detail about not copying the same thing done in The Wolverine and other X-Men films. We put together our own ideas of where a third movie could go. Considering how awesome James’ film turned out. I’m excited to see what he has in mind for the next installment. Even if fan favorite Omega Red doesn’t make the cut.

“Yeah, I think the thing I’d love to make sure we do is that we find a way to not to turn it into a “Will the world survive?” movie — I think that that worked for us here — but also not to make the same picture again. I think the key thing for me, you heard me talking about how I construct scripts, is just figuring out the key relationships and just what it’s about, what theme the whole thing is going to be about. I’ve got a good angle on it, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet!”

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The director also talks about his reasoning behind including Wolverine’s classic yellow costume. Making it’s appearance in an alternate ending from the upcoming Extended/Unleashed versions of The Wolverine. I’ve seen this cut and it’s well worth viewing/buying. Adding the blood and extra violence Wolverine fans wanted from this hard-boiled comic book flick. Originally, there had been talk that the studio and James Mangold were mulling over it’s original rating. It looks like they shot an R-rated film but later cut it down for it’s box office friendly PG-13. In my opinion, the costume they put together looks badass. Even if Logan didn’t put it on and it’s only shown briefly. My hope is that classic costume could actually be put into use in the sequel.

“I made it up on set. Honestly, first of all, I kept hearing and seeing from fans who were just begging to see this wardrobe, and I kept thinking as we were shooting, “How can I do this? How could I ever service this desire for people to see it?” And there was a point where I just asked the prop department to make me a gift box. So when I did that scene on the plane with Yukio, with Rila [Fukushima] and Hugh [Jackman], I had no costume. The studio hadn’t approved of making one or doing anything, but I thought, “Let’s just shoot a couple takes where he opens the box and reacts to it, and I can figure out what to put inside the box later.” There was just a point later in the cutting room where I put it together, and I thought, “It’s kinda sweet.””