Is Loki’s Role in THOR : THE DARK WORLD Bigger Than Previously Thought?

I’ve always thought Tom Hiddleston’s Loki should play a minor role in THOR : THE DARK WORLD to fend off his eventual over exposure. After stirring up trouble as the main baddie in two previous Marvel flicks, the horned God of Mischeif deserves a day off (and I’m a tiny bit tired of him). According to past rumors surrounding the new Thor sequel, Loki was only ever supposed to play a minor part, but in a new article from Total Film the once (and future?) antagonist is revealed to be the wind beneath Malekith’s wings.

Christopher Eccleston raised his fanboy stock even higher by signing on as the fiendish Malekith the Accursed in Alan Taylor’s Thor: the Dark World. Ruler of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim (one of the Nine Realms introduced in the first movie), and reportedly described by Eccleston as “a bad guy with no redeeming features” , he’ll be causing the God of Thunder no end of trouble as he plans to take over the universe-egged on by Tom Hiddleston’s mischievous Loki.”

The last part is the most important. What exactly does “egged on by Tom Hiddleton’s mischievous Loki” mean? Will the green cloaked brat point his tongue at Malekith during a chance encounter on Asgard, or will Loki actively instigate the film’s central conflict?

he really does…