IRON MAN Film Marathon Heading to Theaters!

With May coming in just a few short months, Marvelites know what that means: Iron Man month! With Iron Man 3 set to make waves, you can bet your hats that Disney and Marvel will do all in their power to advertise and hype the film (not that they haven’t already!) Prequel comics, cell phones apps/games, a DTV film, etc. But Walt Disney Pictures has one more thing up their sleeve!

To celebrate Iron Man 3‘s theatrical release, a few participating movie theaters (presumably US ones) will be playing all the Iron Man films on May 2nd. The included films are Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and….Avengers? Weeeelll, I guess Iron Man is a main character in that film, so I guess it makes sense. Not to mention that Iron Man 3 begins only a bit where Avengers left off, I hear. Oh, and they will also play Iron Man 3 afterwards, so don’t fall asleep!

Unfortunately, Walt Disney Pictures hasn’t released a list of the participating cinemas yet. I assume that they will give us the full list in a few weeks, but they had better advertise it! I might want to buy tickets for this, and it would be a shame if I missed it due to bad advertising! The film marathon will begin at 1 P.M., with Iron Man 3 starting around 9 P.M.


Source: CBM

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