IRON MAN 3 iOS Game To Release Tomorrow?

still from Iron Man 3

Gameloft have posted an image on their Twitter feed that suggests their Iron Man 3 tie-in game will be heading our way tomorrow. There were no details about the game, the lack of title means it’s not even confirmed as an Iron Man 3 game but take a look at those eyes:

If those aren’t Tony Stark‘s glowing eyes, I’ll willing download and install Vista onto my PC. How’s that for confidence?! The date of 27th March looks like the game is going to release tomorrow.

If you’re thinking ‘Gameloft? don’t they just rip off other games and repackage them on iOS?’ then you clearly missed out on the fantastic The Amazing Spider-Man tie in iOS game they put out last year (check out our review here – Ed), and whilst their effort for The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t quite as strong (once again check out our review here – Ed) they certainly have our attention as we know that they have it in them to

Presumably it’ll be a 3rd person action game like Gameloft’s usual fare, so if you fancy putting an iron coated fist through Ben Kingsley‘s face be sure to check iOS stores tomorrow. Of course we mean the in-game version of Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin, please don’t punch the actor!

Until then, we’ll get back to fawning over the trailer for Iron Man 3

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Source: PoketGamer