Iron Man 3 has a TON of new armors!

In the current Iron Man title from Marvel, Tony Stark had had over five suits of armor in the course of five issues. The upcoming Iron Man film truly outdoes the comics with 19 confirmed different variations of his iconic attire! For those still curious, chances are that there are more of the signature armors on the way.

Here is a current list of all the confirmed suits in the film so far.


1. Iron Man Mark XI Stealth Armor


2. Iron Man Mark LXIV Silver Centurion


3. Iron Man Mark ? Godkiller


4. Iron Man Mark XL Shotgun


5. Iron Patriot


6. Iron Man Old school Armor


7. Extremis


8. Asgardian Destroyer Armor


9. Happy Armor


10. Deep Space Armor


11. Rescue Armor


12. Particle Radiation Cannon

13. Heart Breaker V2



14. Mark XLVII


15. Heart Breaker Armor


16. Aquatic Armor


17. Skin Armor


18. Layered Armor


19. Brute Armor

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