If STAR WARS Were Your Ex-Girlfriend…

Our mailbox is on fire this week with a ton of people getting in touch to send over their awesome Star Wars stuff in celebration of Star Wars Week. If that’s one of you then we really do appreciate it, and it’s great to see the sheer amount of effort being put in to hyping up The Force Awakens all across the internet.

Aw, shucks, guys. I’mma tear up!

if star wars were your ex-girlfriend george lucas


Anyway, the extremely creative guys over at XVP Comedy have produced a trailer titled, If Star Wars Were Your Ex-Girlfriend, which is, in case you hadn’t guessed, a fictional parody. The franchise is imagined as an attractive young woman (aptly named Star Wars) who was dating the also-aptly-named Fanboy, until she broke his heart “three times in six years”. However, new romance could be on the horizon as the two accidentally meet again.

Basically, imagine the real-life relationship that the fans have with these movies and inject it into a cheesy romantic comedy. You get comedy gold!

Check it out…

The video is only just over a week old yet it’s garnered over 13,000 hits, which is well-deserved. I particularly like the inclusion of George Lucas as the whiny second-choice who won’t let go of Star Wars, as well as the multitude of fun references they managed to include. Plus, Fanboy kinda looks like a young Jon Hamm. A great job all round.

It’s also made me wish this was an actual movie. I’m emotionally invested in these characters! God, imagine me in two days…

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