If Marc Webb Directs THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Things Could Get Tricky

If you just woke up, grab some coffee or throw water in your face as things will get a little complicated. It’s well known that Marc Webb and Sony had a few spats in production of The Amazing Spider-Man, with the studio ordering a massive last-minute recut of the film, shedding a lot of important scenes and lines of dialogue (including the death of Dr. Ratha). Last we heard, the execs were unsure of Webb’s return, as was Webb himself, as when the director signed a deal with Fox to make (500) Days of Summer, he agreed for a 2-picture deal, so he still has to make one more movie for them.

Obviously the studio let him off to go make Spider-Man for Sony, but now if they do that again they want him to sign ANOTHER 2-picture deal, which means a big decision for Marc Webb. Direct The Amazing Spider-Man sequel and then make two more movies at Fox Searchlight one-after-the-other, possibly putting him out of the running for a third installment, or decide not to return for the sequel and quit the franchise altogether? Only Mr. Webb can answer that, but what do you think he should do? Sound off below.