Have We Got Our First Clues Towards The Plot Of STAR WARS EPISODE VII?

Star Wars: Episode VII is still (at least) two years away from release, and Michael Ardnt is busy hammering away on the script, but thanks to an IMDB user (yes yes I know, but it gets better) we may have our first idea of the plot for the upcoming film, and the whole Sequel Trilogy.

After the cancellation of The Clone Wars it was revealed that producer Dave Filoni was working on a brand new animated show, set in an era of the Star Wars lore that’s so far been unexplored. Until 2015, we think. The stuff that showed up on IMDB is a pitch for a brand new show called Star Wars: Reclamation, which may or may not be this new animated show Filoni and co are working on. The show is said to be set 15 years after Return of the Jedi (probably a slightly smaller time jump than there is in VII), with this promising description:

“an all-new story designed to introduce the audience to themes and characters pivotal to Episode VII and beyond.”

Or this could all be a fake, as is the usual with stuff on IMDB. But it does look pretty authentic, and there’s a lot of evidence to back it up. Take a look below:


Who else thinks ‘The Shade’ is Luke Skywalker? Bare in mind that the original post seemingly came from a disgruntled ex-employee of LucasFilm (who was no doubt one of the victims of the company-wide layoffs earlier this week), so there’s a chance Star Wars: Reclamation may never see the light of day.

Additionally, this makes some clear references to ‘Level 1313’, which is almost definitely related to the cancelled video game project Star Wars: 1313. There’s a chance that if that’s gone out the window, this might be too.

What do you think? Could this point us in the direction of Star Wars Episode VII? Share your thoughts below!

SOURCE: IMDB via Bleeding Cool