GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Trailer #2 (Description)

The first Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer wowed internet audiences worldwide with its raccoons, trees, Chris Pratt and green alien lady. Not to mention getting hooked on the catchy Hooked On A Feeling song.

No one knows when the next Guardians of the Galaxy trailer will be released, but at least we do have a description-transcript of the second trailer!

The transcript appeared online via Latino Review.

Step 1: A white guy named Peter, a green alien lady, a tree and a raccoon walk into a bar.

Step 2: Then they are on a space ship. Then they are on a jungle planet. Then Ronan The Accuser.

Step 3: Cue catchy song, Norman Greenbaum’s Spirit in the Sky.

Step 4: Comics journalism freaks out because wow, space, wow revolutionary, wow, Marvel.

Here is an excerpt from the trailer description:

Star Lord’s ship, the Milano, speeds towards a barren looking planet. We cut to the Guardians walking through some sort of space-port or bar with Zoe Saldana’s Gamorra in the lead. Peter Quill voice overs: “So here we are: A thief” – Star Lord stands in front of a cloud outside and tosses the ORB into the air and catches it. It looks like part of the movie where the MacGuffin chase favors the Guardians. “Two Criminals” – Rocket Racoon hefts what looks like a four-barrell rocket launcher, cocks it and aims it through the site. Groot throws a puny humanoid. “An Assassin” – Gamora turns, looking hot and green, then we see a quick cut of her fighting who I hope to be Nebula (Karen Gillian). “And a maniac” – Hello DRAX! Push in on David Bautista from the shoulders up, full make-up, scowling as something explodes behind him. Quick cut of Drax doing a mid-air punch on someone, cut of Drax head-butting a dude. “But we’re not going to stand by while evil wipes out the galaxy.” Shot of Ronan the Accuser’s ship. Shot of a hooded Lee Pace as Ronin walking towards the camera. Close up shot of someone’s fist closing around a glowing red energy source. The fist suddenly CLENCHES and we cut to an exterior explosion and a crowd of aliens and humanoids running from it (from back when they shot on the Millennium bridge for all to see, it looks like).

And if you feel like you have time to waste, you can check out the full description of the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer on Latino Review.

But more importantly, Unleash The Fanboy wants to consult an expert on what this trailer description means for the comic book film industry and whether it could be a sign towards a trend of releasing trailer descriptions before the actual trailers.

“A lot of trailers are leaking nowadays somehow (like the final X-Men one) and studios don’t seem to care that their trailers are being tossed about online way before release. In the future, I expect more transcripts as more trailers find their way onto the internet early,” said resident expert, Louis Rabinowitz, Professor of Comic Book Film Trailers, PhD.

When asked what kind of impact this would have on the industry, Dr. Rabinowitz said, “Since studios want trailers to be a big vent, it’s going to take a bit out of the trailer hype, so people might resort to pirating trailers rather than watching the real official deal when the studios want them to.”

But when it comes to the impact this would have on comics journalism, Dr. Rabinowitz only said, “Meh.”

“Sites will cover those transcripts every time, so they’ll get bigger and bigger with more demand, I’d guess.”