The GODZILLA Trailer is finally Here! Also New Poster

godzilla 2014 banner

After two years, Legendary has officially released the trailer for their GODZILLA epic. We’ve had leaks, but now the full length 2 minute trailer has been unveiled to the world for as much viewings as you like. Well, I won’t hold you back with any more needless words, check it out below.

Well that was something! As you can see the trailer fully cements the film as a disaster movie. In many ways with the shots of various human characters admist the chaos is reminiscent of the original 1954 film. It’s also interesting to note that the final shot of the title monster roaring is the footage used from Comic Con two years ago. One thing’s for sure, the King of Monsters is back.


May 16th is when Godzilla will be stomping back into theaters.

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