GODZILLA Cartoon Receiving Complete DVD Release in Time For MOVIE!

Usually, when a big film is coming out, the company will release various, miscellaneous products to promote it. Just a few days ago, for example, Sony announced that Spectacular Spider-Man would be getting a Blu-ray release, to help hype Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Godzilla, everyone’s favorite Kaiju, will be getting the star treatment next. Enter Mill Creek Entertainment, who announced today that they will be releasing the complete 90s cartoon Godzilla: The Series on DVD (no Blu-ray, but since this is a 90s animation, it probably wouldn’t make a difference).

Mill Creek will release all 40 episodes in one set, spread across 4 discs, including two never-before-aired on TV episodes. The set will be released on April 29, so this is a bit last-second.


Interestingly, the Godzilla: The Series cartoon is a sequel to the infamous 1998 American Godzilla film, known by many fans as the black sheep of the franchise. I wonder if this will hamper sales…

This actually won’t be the first DVD release for the series; Columbia released some random episodes on DVD a few years back. The series is also available on Netflix.

Godzilla: The Series aired on the Fox Kids block from 1998 to 2000, and got two seasons. Ratings infamously suffered due to sporadic and multiple time-slot shifts, and re-scheduling. It was the second animated Godzilla series, the first airing back in the 70s.

So…think you’ll buy this, or you’ll steer clear of “Zilla”?


Source: Scifi Japan