GHOST RIDER Returns to Marvel Studios, Is There a MARVEL KNIGHTS Flick in the Works?

Kevin Feige’s just revealed that the film rights to the great, fire-skulled hero Ghost Rider have finally returned to Marvel Studios. While this usually wouldn’t be the most exciting news in the world, especially since Nicolas Cage’s run with the character has left even my forgiving fanboy sensibilities in a state of shock, reuniting Johnny Blaze with his comrades at the House of Ideas has left the door open to a crazy, amazing, nerdtastic film idea: MARVEL KNIGHTS.

That’s a title given to a loose crew of wild, city borne heroes who scour gutters and back alleys for nasty urban villains. The most popular characters among their crew are Blade (yes, the one Wesley Snipes brought to the forefront in the 90’s), Daredevil, Moon Knight, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Black Panther, Punisher, and Ghost Rider… the rights to whom are safely in the hands Marvel.

With an eccletic collection of such popular, lore-rich heroes, why wouldn’t Kevin Feige take a stab at a Marvel Knights flick? Or how about… an HBO series? Unless Marvel would be willing to invest in solo films for each of these characters, a television show on a mature network would be the best route.  The Marvel Knights story lines are a bit more grounded, a good bit more nuanced, and depend on subtle interaction instead of the “20cc injection of pure explosion awesomeness!” that the Avengers roster utilize, which make them absolutely perfect for 12 episode seasons, and long, slow cooking plots.

But then again, that’s the simple musings of a fat, brown bearded, fanboy disciple.  What do you think of it?

We can certainly improve on this shitfest, can’t we?