Fox Hires New Writer For Daredevil; New Plot Details Released

Deadline reports that David James Kelly has been hired to re-write the script for Fox’s reboot of Daredevil, after they realised the last script was total garbage. David Slame is helming the movie, but recently revealed that all details on the project were too boring to print. Kelly was recently hired by Warner Bros to polish the script for their live-action version of Akira. Along with that, the site also have a few details regarding the plot and who the villain will be. Read ’em below:

The movie will be based onFrank Miller/David Mazzucchelli story arc Born Again, as The Kingpin uncovers the superhero’s secret identity, and uses it to turn blind lawyer Matt Murdoch’s life upside down.

Do you still want to see a Daredevil reboot or would you rather the rights go back to Marvel Studios? Sound off below!

SOURCE: Deadline

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