Forget Bishop, I Think Omar Sy Is Sentinel Creator BOLIVAR TRASK in DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

Bryan Singer got ahold of his iPhone somehow (could’ve sworn I hid it in the perfect place.  He uses Twitter TOO. DAMN. MUCH.) and he’s just informed the world that Omar Sy of Frenchie film fame will join DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. While I’m more than happy to see another talented thespian join the squad, I can’t help but worry that Singer’s cast is over-stuffed. He’s already nabbed every member of the original trilogy that he could, and including that lot with the new wave of muties we met in First Class, this sequel will be one hell of a crowded experience.

Ignoring that concern (which I’ll save for an upcoming rant), the more interesting debate to arise from this new addition concerns his role.  Who will he play?  Since Days of Future Past is a time/dimension hopping flick, and since Omar happens to be black, the general fanboy community has preemptively decided that he’ll play Bishop, the black, chronosphere travelling mutant from the 90’s.  He is a pretty convenient character for the DOFP arc, which the creators of the original 90’s X-Men cartoon took great advantage of when they used him for their own interpretation of the tale.  But, even though I’d love to see the giant gun toting mutie on screen, I don’t think Bishop will make an appearance, however obvious it may be.  Bryan Singer  hasn’t allowed physical appearance to dictate casting for this flick, as the addition of Peter Dinklage reveals (who’s character is said to be be average height in the comics).

I actually think Sy will play a younger version of Bolivar Trask, a character’s who’s already appeared in the original X-Men cinematic universe (played by Bill Duke).  This might seem contradictory, especially since Dinklage has been rumored to play the main villain, a role which we assumed would be Trask.  BUT… the more I think about it, the more likely it seems that Dinklage will play an even more SINISTER character (a very hopeful pun intended), which leaves the spot of Sentinel creator open for Sy.  Even though I’d love to see the new actor in a much more lovable role (a surrogate Bobby Drake, perhaps?), I’m just stoked to see him in the X-Men universe in any capacity, and Trask is a fair compromise.

I personally prefer the more roboty versions of the mutant hunters, instead of the creepy human lookalikes.  ‘Uncanny Valley’ and what not…

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