Fantastic Four Dead at Fox. Returning to MARVEL STUDIOS?

Holy Poop! According to the mighty fine sleuths at Bleeding Cool, Fox Studios has all but cancelled their long gestating Fantastic Four Movie. Gone is Director Josh Trank. Possibly gone, too,  is the cast, filled with talent like Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, and Kate Mara.

A few folks have disagreed with BC’s scoop, but the site, well known for their track record, stand by their claim:

“[We] remain confident in out source. Bleeding Cool suggests that if Fox really would like to stomp on the rumour, they stop approaching folk to replace the director and to write a new screenplay.”

What does this mean? Well, if Fox Studios abandoned the entire project, then they could either 1) Rush a new team in time for a 2015 release date OR 2) allow the rights to the film revert to Marvel Studios.

I know every ‘Clobbering Time’ loving fanboy wants the Fantastic Four back in the safe and gentle hands of Marvel Studios, but that’s an AWFUL idea. Kevin Feige and the good folks at the helm of Marvel have already established a cosmic universe bereft of the Fantastic Four. Now that The Guardians of the Galaxy are on the slate, we’ve our “Humans in Space” tale. Marvel Studios already has their Phase 3 and Phase 4 determined, as well, so leaving Fantastic Four in their hands will be a long, unlikely process.

fantastic four reboot

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  • Bsndhsnsn

    Fox already debunked. Step your news game up

    • TheGoddamnBader

      It’s called the 24 hour news cycle – news updates roll forward.

  • MarvelFan_1

    Dammit, wish it was true, thought they may have actually realised the fans hate their casting line up with a passion and cancelled, either way doesn’t matter because unlike Michael B Jordan’s cocky comment of “They’ll see it anyway” …….. I won’t actually.


    if it’s true, then it’s good news all around.

  • Joe Bloggs

    Please please please…may the Fox version die and rights revert to Marvel!!!