Fan Hilariously Remakes the JURASSIC WORLD Trailer


To the majority of writers, the term “slow news day” incites horror in the bowels. It means that they have to think up and then write up a bunch of features and actually put some effort into their work rather than simply aggregating news (not here at UTF; we’re too lazy for that). However, they can also be beneficial. You get more time to look for news which can end up being cooler than the bigger, mainstream news.

Take this. Korean YouTube star Hozzah2 has taken it upon herself to create a hilarious shot-for-shot remake of the Jurassic World trailer, pulling in some pretty creative methods to accurately (we use the term loosely) portray the more effects-oriented scenes. I enjoyed watching it.

(via Metro)

While the script may not have been overly fantastic, what it did manage to master was the fun factor that so few directors manage to grasp these days. That’s embodied by this trailer; something purely fan-made which shows how excited she was about the movie. I mean, you could tell how excited people have been just by taking a glance at the box office statistics, but that isn’t something which is necessarily tangible like this is.

Jurassic World is out now. The script needed one or two more revisions before it was given the go-ahead, but it’s an absolute blast.