Doctor Strange Movie Moving Along

Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, has been pretty vocal in the past about his love for the Master of Mysticism, Doctor Strange. So it was no surprise when rumors began to swirl that the Doc would be starring in his own feature length film. While those rumors have been more or less substantiated by Marvel itself, we still have no idea when this film will appear. Is it slated for 2013? 2014? 2015? We simply have no idea because Marvel’s been pretty thorough about keeping us in the dark.

Well, we’ve got a bit of good new from the House of Ideas today when their science consultant, Sean Carrol, revealed he’s working on the Doctor Strange film. Now, if you’re wondering why a theoretical physicist would be contracted to consult for a movie about magic, don’t worry! This is the same guy who worked on Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, and his only purpose is to make the magical side of Marvel Comics seem plausible in the real world.

Here’s a bit more thanks to i09

Now that Carroll’s done with Thor, he’s moved on to Doctor Strange, about a surgeon who becomes earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. Carroll’s job is to apply limits to Strange’s powers. “You need constraints to provide tension,” he says. A world where anything can happen makes for a very boring movie. It’s when science imposes boundaries on what a superhero can do that the real drama begins.

So what do you guys want to see in this flick? I was actually hoping that Marvel would let a Doctor Strange movie stand alone in its own dark, magical world, kind of like a Constantine meets Sin City. But what was I thinking? This is Marvel, after all, the people that managed to throw Spider-Man into The Avengers.