DINOBOTS Confirmed for TRANSFORMERS 4 on Call Sheet

I don’t wanna say I told you so… but we totally told you so.

Earlier this year we broke the news that everyone’s favorite Jurassic Robots, the Dinobots, would make an appearance in Michael Bay’s TRANSFORMERS 4, and it looks like we were totally right. Take that naysayers, ill wishers, and that one dude at Subway who laughed at my assertion in the middle of making my Spicy Italian (with extra tomatoes and a splash of hard parm… as real ‘Muricans are wont to do) .

Here’s a leaked call sheet revealing the Dinobots from the set of Bayformers Quatro: Trouble at Explosion Cove.

Yeah, I know that joke was bad, but I just had to shoot for it. I’m typing this half asleep after a round of self-coitus, so a bit of nonsense is more than acceptable. The things I do to bring you the latest geek news…



And here’s the scene breakdown thanks to our friends at CBM


Removed. Censored. Ruined for Everyone


What do you guys think of this Dinobots news? I’m insanely excited for Grimlock’s heavy handed karate chops, but then again, I’d watch almost anything that contains shape shifting robots. I’m a sucker for metamorphosis… my Uncle Franz would be so proud.