Details On Budget Of Iron Man 3 And Filming Update

It’s official: Iron Man III has begun filming in Wilmington, North Carolina. Set reports confirmed that Robert Downey Jr has been spotted around the city and in the bars (schwarma anyone!?) and is said to be quite friendly at the minute, so if you’re in the Wilmington area don’t hesitate to get his autograph (and of course, if you are in the Wilmington area a set report to us wouldn’t go amiss). Latino Review were in the city the other day and managed to post some details about what filming was/is taking place there. The team are constructing a large underwater tank, and either the interior of a jet fuselage or the beginnings of an underwater structure.

They say that Marvel originally gave Shane Black a budget of $140m to work with, but then The Avengers was released and broke all the records and made sure we were all broke, so the budget has reportedly been raised to $200m, the same as Iron Man II. Apparentally, Marvel execs have agreed that the superhero team-up of a lifetime completely raised the bar for their movies, and the team aren’t being asked to create a better Iron Man movie but the best MARVEL movie. So it seems as if the big wig’s want Marvel movies to keep getting better, which is of course fantastic news and only means the best for Thor II, Captain America II and other upcoming Marvel movies.

SOURCE: Latino Review