Description Of The Second Prometheus Trailer

The second theatrical trailer for Prometheus has now been screened at WonderCon, and the reactions are extremely positive. We now have a brief description of the trailer, courtesy of Twitter’s antovolk. Read it below:


Over a planet of waterfalls and a stormy horizon, we hear a voice. “Every king has his reign,” it says, “And then he dies.

We see cryo pods and ships in space. The ship, called Prometheus, lands.

The mission involves locating a pictogram that has appeared in a number of ancient, unlinked civilizations.

“We’re here because of a mark?” someone asks Noomi Rapace’s character. “Not a mark,” she says, “An invitation.”

They’re on the storm planet, but something is wrong. It’s not what they thought and things are going wrong.

The trailer ends with Fassbender’s character saying — rather ominously — “Big things have small beginnings.

The dialogue is absolutely fantastic! Stay tuned to UTF for the official release of the trailer at 11PM GMT tonight.