DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Teaser for the Teaser for the Teaser of the Trailer

days of future past magneto

I’m as excited as the next Cheetos munching, bong hitting, Sleeping Dogs playing fanboy for Bryan Singer’s massive mutie movie DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, but this whole “teaser for a teaser for a teaser trailer” thing is getting pretty PRETTY old.

Usually these blockbusters negotiate with E! to unveil a tiny 5 second snippet of footage for their upcoming trailer. It’s a bit ridiculous, since they’re essentially advertising the debut of an advertisement for a feature film, but God Dammit, if we few fanboys don’t eat it up like sunflower and poppyseed cupcakes.

Well, as I mentioned earlier, Days of Future Past has just released their latest teaser, and yeah… it’s kinda awesome. The concept of these shameless marketing tactics still annoys my geeky gizzards, but the I much prefer this 5 second snippet to the alternative (which would be nothing at all).

Looks like Wolverine’s sinking, Professor X’s is a mind grabbing, Magneto is all war hardened, and Mystique is sad and stuff.

And all of that makes me realize one important fact…

God, I miss Singer’s X-Men movies. While the greater breadth of fandom vouches for the superiority of Marvel Studios’s unapologetic superhero flicks, I’ll always prefer the more modern, ‘realistic’ approach of the X-Men movies (ignoring X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: The Last Stand, of course).

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