David Goyer Pitching SANDMAN FILM Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Warner Bros.

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David Goyer (Godzilla, Dark City) is easily one of the most successful screenwriters in the comic book film genre. He’s responsible for helping Warner Bros. reboot both DC heroes Batman (Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises) and Superman (Man of Steel) for modern audiences. He also helped Marvel as well writing the Blade trilogy. The first Blade film being becoming the first Marvel success story. Predating the release of X-Men by two years. You could give him some credit for the current powerhouse that is the MCU. Goyer is currently back in the DC camp helping Zack Snyder put together the script for Batman Vs Superman and Justice League. There are plenty of unproduced superhero scripts from Goyer which never made it to the screen. They include takes on Doctor Strange, Namor The Sub-Mariner, Silver Surfer, The Flash and Green Arrow (Supermax). Who knew he had eyes for another comic book franchise.

BadassDigest has word that Goyer is pitching a new comic book film project many thought would never happen. The pitch is for film version of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception, Looper) possibly wanted in the lead role of Morpheus. DC’s Geoff Johns is backing Goyer’s plan to Warner Bros. Devin also chronicles the troubled history of others trying to put together a Sandman film. He also seems unsure if Joseph will be just involved as an actor. Since he just took a turn as a writer/director.

JGL is coming off critical success from his directorial debut Don Jon. He’s also been linked for leads in three Marvel properties (Guardians of The Galaxy, Doctor Strange and Ant-Man). There was a point where there had been hope that Joseph would take up the Batman mantle in future films. His character John Blake from The Dark Knight Rises is given the keys to the batcave. Instead, WB cast Ben Affleck as an older grizzled Bruce Wayne for Batman Vs Superman. Affleck’s casting could mean the studio will be looking to him to star in future Batman installments. Putting an end to all the speculation of Joseph’s future as Batman.