Whilst at Dublin Comic-con over the weekend I was fortunate enough to talk to Brian Muir, the man who designed and sculpted Darth Vader’s iconic helmet based on Ralph McQuarrie’s famous illustrations. Here’s what he had to say regarding Episode VII and more:

What do you think of STAR WARS EPISODE 7?

Well as far as I know they’re going back to the original three films and trying to get the same feeling as that. It’s very early stages at the moment, but the design team are already working away at the studios.

And do you want Darth Vader to return?

I’d love to see Darth Vader come back but seeing that they killed him off I don’t see how, but it’s possible.

Where did you get any inspiration for designing his helmet?

Well it was based on.. the armor was based on Ralph McQuarrie’s designs and the helmet and mask were based on a line drawing done by John Mollo, the costume designer.

Would you like to work on any of the upcoming Star Wars films?

Well if i’m not working on another film and i’m asked to do it, then i’d love to work on them.

Brian wasn’t the most talkative man i’ve ever spoken to, but it was great to hear what he had to say. It’s reassuring again, to hear that the next three films will be going back to the glory days of the originals. Oh who am I kidding, I wasn’t even born when episode IV, V and VI were out, but I still love em’.

Not Pictured: me fanboying in the corner.


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