Cumberbatch Looks Fierce In New STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Poster

A new still from JJ Abrams’s Star Trek Into Darkness has surfaced online featuring one mean looking Cumberbatch. It’s a very nice poster for what looks to be an exciting movie (understatement of the year?), but I can’t help but picture it as a summary of what happens when Sherlock  Holmes gets bored!

All joking aside, this new shot backs up Cumberbatch’s claim that villain John Harrison is as sinister as Christopher Nolan’s Joker.  We think this poster is a little more detailed than the previous ones and it gives us a bit more insight on how villainous and evil John Harrison will be on screen. Also, it’s a nice touch to see some landmarks from London Included in the carnage created by our villain.

We really like this poster and we’re really excited for Into Darkness, but from what we’ve seen so far we haven’t seen any gimmick from Harrison, something that helps sell a villain to the audience. That’s a little worrying, but bring on the summer!