Chris Hemsworth Minds The Minions in Latest THOR: THE DARK WORLD Photo

Of all the superhero flicks debuting this year, I’m most excited for ol’ Goldilocks’s return in THOR : THE DARK WORLD. The original 2011 film directed by Kenneth Branagh was incredibly decent in its own ways (as much as I hate to admit it, it’s a pretty great date movie), but this new one is eager to establish the series as a bad ass “vikings in outer space” saga.

I can imagine Chris Hemsworth wandering around the Asgardian themed sets with a weighty afternoon buzz, shouting “Pour me a tall glass of mead and bring your finest wenches!”. He is a method actor, after all.


That’s Chris and Director Alan Taylor behind a balcony, with a host of Einherjar (medieval style special forces) looming in the background.

With a Holiday release date, we’ll probably suffer until Iron Man 3 debuts to get our hands on a trailer. I’m not sure I can make it, though, I need sustenance!


Right on, Thor


SOURCE: Collider