Chris Hemsworth Bashing Faces on Set of THOR THE DARK WORLD

Yesterday we brought you some fresh photos from the Bourne Woods set of THOR: THE DARK WORLD. Featuring Asgardian soldiers in all of their space-god armored glory fighting in a pitched battle against some Tolkien -esque baddies (Orcs or Dark Elves, we’re still not sure), these pics bode well for the Alan Taylor  directed romp.

Well, thanks to our friends at The Daily Mail, we’ve got another slew of pics, and yes, Chris Hemsworth finally makes his presence known as the film’s titular hero.

Check them out below:

Taylor’s definitely delivering on his promise to make TDW a far darker affair than the previous two Thor outings. While Kenneth Branagh’s original flick was a great introduction to the character, I craved more substance, and Joss Whedon’s use of the Odinson in THE AVENGERS didn’t help sate me.  In fact, I think ol’ Jossy did Thor a great disservice by butchering the character’s powers to accommodate the rest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

But back to The Dark World

Are you a fan of this new Viking inspired design? While it certainly looks more practical, I hope they don’t rely on the rational tropes of medieval combat. I want to see some damn lightning, some super strength aided bludgeoning, and at least one person has to be struck so devastatingly hard by Mjolnir that he lands a few miles away in an impact crater large enough to impress even the Mars Rover.

Make it happen!!!

BTW, Hulk says he wants in on this action. He must have missed Thor’s phone call because he’s too drunk again. Hanging around with Tony Stark tends to do that to you.