Classic Spidey Soundtrack vs The Amazing Spider-Man ‘s

We’re only two weeks away from the debut of Sony’s much anticipated Spidey reboot and we’ve finally got our rotten little mits on its official soundtrack. Composed by veteran Hollywood big wig James Horner (Braveheart, Titanic), these tunes are a solid addition to filmdom… but my inner Danny Elfman fanboy (the man responsible for the original Spider-man score) remains conflicted.

Decide for yourself below.



Between its grand, Sci-Fi esque overtures and the cadence filled patriotic tones (which would probably find a happier home in the Captain America sequel), I couldn’t help but sigh a resigned “meh”. Of course, I’ll reserve my final judgement until I’ve witnessed The Amazing Spider-Man at its midnight showing, but I’m wary!

Here’s a look at the Danny Elfman original, in case you’re craving a nostalgic nerdgasm.