Check Out the New and Intense GODZILLA Trailer

With yesterday seeing the announcement of Empire’s awesome Godzilla cover, everyone was in a kaiju mood. (Then again, when is anyone not?) Ladies and gentlemen, Legendary Studios has released a brand new trailer for the film. The first one was fantastic, so everyone was looking forward to this, which looks to be the main one playing in theaters. Is it as good as the previous one? Give it a watch below.

Well, that was something, right? Gareth Edwards and the rest of the cast have made it clear that the film will be very character-based, and that’s what this trailer shows. It once again hides the title monster for the most part, whether or not that’s a good marketing strategy is up to you. There are plenty of great shots, such as the Statue of Liberty being partially destroyed. (Reminds me of Cloverfield.) In many ways the trailer is reminiscent of the aforementioned monster movie. Well, despite a disappointing lack of the MUTO creatures, (it would have been nice to get one shot of G attacking them) this trailer cements itself as pretty intense. Reception has been positive, which is nice to see.

statue of trailer



muto 2

What kind of Creature will Godzilla be Facing?

beach g

GODZILLA will come stomping into a theater near you on May 16th!