Captain Kirk Tells J.J. Abrams That Fans Want Chewie And Leia To Get It On In STAR WARS EPISODE VII

That was quite possibly the nerdiest and most ridiculous title I’ve ever written. Appearing on The Jimmy Kimmel Show the other day to promote the North America release of Star Trek Into Darkness (in theaters over there today), director J.J. Abrams was naturally bombarded with questions from the audience about the hotly-anticipated Star Wars Episode VII.

Like when Harrison Ford appeared on the show and members of the audience asked him silly but hilarious questions, fans dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Princess Leia (both being male…) got to ask such riveting things like “I think Luke Skywalker should kill people with a lightsaber.” However, there were two very surprising members of the audience appearing… Find out who below:

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“I’ve got an idea. The next Star Wars… Nothing but Lando. Two hours of Lando and beautiful ladies, making love, sweet love, in the galaxy.”

I have to say, I think Billy Dee Williams’ ideas are absolutely stellar as are William Shatner’s. Come on guys… You know you want to see interracial alien sex in the Sequel Trilogy!!! Anyway, did that manage to crack you up? Would you like to see Lando back in Star Wars Episode VII? Share your thoughts below.