So rumor has it that Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron are going work together again on Avatar 2… woo hoo. Pardon me for not being super excited, I know Terminator 1 and 2 were amazing and True Lies was pretty damn good as well, but I never looked at either of them and thought, “My God! What a terrific actor that Arnold is!” I like Arnold as much as the average person. Big and action filled, good for a laugh every now and then, but he doesn’t exactly have he acting prowess of, well most other actors, adding him to the cast of a serious movie is an… interesting choice.

But no matter how good or bad Arnold is, chances are he won’t help the movie too much. Avatar was one of the most over hyped, unoriginal, wastes of money I have ever seen. It was a very pretty movie, but I don’t go to the movies to look at the trees. I have to assume that somehow Avatar 2 will be an original story line, but Disney already made Pocahontas 2. Maybe Cameron can just copy that too. Anyone who watched the first and didn’t think of the sequel immediately most likely fell asleep. Obvious the humans will come back to keep trying to get the gold (oops, I meant unobtanium; what a clever name Cameron) and try to kill the native creatures again. Arnold will most likely play a general of the human army, because him voicing a Na’vi would just come off as a joke.

If you can’t already tell, I was not a fan of Avatar and have no intention to see 2, 3, or 4.  Arnold being in it would pique my curiosity though. I would like to see him try to get back into roles that don’t soley consist of cheesy one-liners and blowing things up (Expandables FTW!). Would he be enough to get me to go see Avatar 2? Yes. He might just be enough.


Source: Latino Review, Screen Crush