Billy Dee Williams Shares What He Knows On STAR WARS EPISODE VII

It’s not much, but then again we really don’t have much to go on about this movie at all. A special guest at Fanboy Expo in Tennessee today, actor Billy Dee Williams – who played Lando Calrissian in the Original Star Wars Trilogy – was there to take about his entire career, ranging from Lando to Harvey Dent in Batman. Naturally he got asked about Star Wars Episode VII, and despite the actor previously saying that Disney had approached him about reprising his role, Williams says here that in fact he really doesn’t know anything and hasn’t talked to J.J. Abrams, the studio or any of his co-stars recently.

Unfortunately Comic Book Therapy didn’t get any quotes, but they say that he loves voicing Lando in shows like Family Guy and Robot Chicken and would jump at the chance to appear as the character on-screen again. However, perhaps the most interesting piece

Dat Cape

of news has nothing to do with Williams at all – rather Hamill, Fisher and Ford.

Coolwaters president Derek Maki stepped in quickly after the Star Wars questions began and added some clarification to everything. If you don’t know who that is – and you probably don’t – he’s the go-to-guy for if you want a big star to appear at your convention, and manages such stars as Hamill, Fisher and Ford. Maki stated that none of the main four actors had signed contracts yet and what we’re hearing right now about all of them on board is just a load of rumours.

I find it hard to believe that they’re not at least at the negotiations stage based on all we’ve heard about them coming back, but official word is better than fanboy word. What do you think? Do you want to see Williams return to play Lando in Star Wars Episode VII? Share your thoughts, and watch a recent skit starring Lando, Captain Kirk and J.J. Abrams below!

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SOURCE: Comic Book Therapy