So what’s on THE AVENGERS Blu-ray?

With THE AVENGERS Blu-Ray just around the corner, its about time we look at what’s on the disc.

Well, first up, obviously, is THE AVENGERS movie itself. Really, if you’ve seen the film then you no doubt know this makes it worth the money to begin with. But there are still a few extras that are always welcome.

The biggest thing besides the movie itself, of course, is ITEM 47. Similar to THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA, this is a short (12 minute) film that focuses on aspects outside the main superheros, often involving S.H.I.E.L.D agents. In the case of ITEM 47, it deals with the aftermath of THE AVENGERS when two members of the public find an alien weapon. This has got to be the most unique aspect of the Blu-ray, offering something a little extra for your money. (click here for my official review)

As with any movie these days, there’s a handful of deleted scenes. Some of these have been shown already, but they are fairly interesting none the less. For the big time Marvel fans, there’s a few scenes included that you might have liked to have seen in the film. I know one  involving Captain America and a cameo from a Mr. Stan Lee left a lasting impression. Its plain to see why some of these scenes were left out, but its a shame to know such good material was left on the cutting room floor.

The gag reel, on the other hand, is surprisingly hilarious. Most gag reels tend to be nothing more than ‘filler’, but a lot of thought has gone into making sure only the genuinely funny gags make it into this cut. If its not a slow motion shot of Thor failing to catch his hammer, or Cobie Smulders impersonations of Maria Hill, there is plenty to keep you laughing long after the short reel has ended. You can’t always take films seriously and everyone appreciates a good laugh.

Likewise, there is the almost obligatory documentary, A VISUAL JOURNEY. As the name suggests, this is a quick recap of the marvel films and comics. This might be prove interesting to some, but it doesn’t exactly offer anything entirely new for long time Marvel fans.

Of course, you’re still getting THE AVENGERS, so these are always extras, not the main focus. Besides ITEM 47, these are all the usual obligatory extras. Still, they’re done quite well; I’m impressed with the effort that’s gone into making most the content worth while, rather than simply menu fluff.