Flood of Accidental Spoilers for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2? Female Green Goblin in the Mix?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 looks more and more like the overstuffed but slightly underrated Spider-Man 3 every day.  That cinematic “classic” had Sandman, the Green Goblin (Harry Osborn edition) and Venom. This one already has *takes deep breath* Electro, Rhino, Green Goblin and now a new villain, one who almost no one has heard of.

“It’s all quite shrouded in secrecy, but I’m the Goblin’s girlfriend – I’m in a relationship with him, and his accomplice. I’m on the dark side.”

That’s the direct quote from Jones herself in an interview with Bleeding Cool. Considering the previous rumor that it’ll be Harry Osborn who will become the Goblin instead of his beloved daddy dearest, it now seems that Jones will be playing the role of Lily Holister, Harry’s girlfriend in the comics. She, in turn, eventually becomes the supervillain Menace, essentially the female equivalent of Hobgoblin. Needless to say, she’s a villain who everybody remembers…
Amazing Spider-Man 2 already seemed like overkill the second we learned that Rhino and the Goblin were going to be in the movie. Honestly, how many villains can you fit into one superhero movie? I do like Jamie Foxx as Electro, but that’s as far as it goes. Plus the first footage from the movie has been revealed, and he’s one of the very few things that looks cool about the movie:

Electro seems to be this film’s Sandman: the only well thought out supervillain of the whole gang. He also seems to have a bit of the Doctor Octopus good-man-turned-bad vibe, which will make him more of a tragic figure, and hopefully do a better job of it than the Lizard.
As for the Rhino, he was already in a few video games. His previous appearance in the Amazing Spider-Man video game labeled him as another cross-species. Yet in photos of a much buffer Paul Giamatti, he’s apparently in his original more synthetic form. Not sure how they’re going to retcon that, unless they have his little rhino serum wear off…

And as much as I like Chris Cooper, isn’t he a bit ill-suited for the part of Osborn? Willem Dafoe will always be the perfect Green Goblin, much like Christopher Reeve is the perfect Superman (my personal opinion). I do like how they’ve got Chronicle breakout star Dane DeHaan as Harry though, since Chronicle was freaking awesome.

Anyways, that’s the latest news on “Too Many Supervillains: The Movie.” Keep posted for more Comic-Con news about the future movies priming to hit theaters this year and the next, like Kick-Ass 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Godzilla, and Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electro Boogaloo.