A Sad Day Fanboys, Fantastic Four Wont’ Return To Marvel

Remember those damn Fantastic Four films? You know… the ones featuring a rubber suited Thing and Jessica Alba’s perfect imitation of a lifeless, emotionless Invisible Woman?

Those movies are the main source of conflict between fanboys and 20th Century Fox. Ignoring X-Men: The Last Stand, of course.

Well, in our secret, huddled meetings of the high Fanboy council, we’ve spent hours lobbying for the rights to Marvel’s First Family to return to the House of Ideas. According to our genius calculations, the FF would have been shipped back to Kevin Feige and the good folks at the MCU within the next year… provided that Fox didn’t continue forward with a new film. But if recent reports are true, the studio has all but ensured a new Fantastic Four flick will thunder into development.

You hear that? It’s the cacophonous sound of fanboy hearts shattering all over the globe.

But it’s not all bad. Fox has nearly closed the deal with the newest sweetheart of geekdom, Josh Trank (Director of Chronicle), so even if they do manage to get this flick off the ground, it can’t possibly be as goofy as Tim Story’s entries. Hopefully.


SOURCE: deadline