TEEN TITANS GO! “Opposites” Review

TTG_ep40_Opposites_Still03And here we have our second Valentine’s Teen Titans Go! episode. Was it as good as the first?

In this episode, Cyborg (Khary Payton) has a (not-so) secret crush on Jinx (Lauren Tom). Problem is, she is a villain. However, she ends up returning her feelings…but will both their respective teams let their love grow and prosper?

Well, I liked this one. Maybe even as much as last week’s Raven/Beast Boy/Terra episode. Once again, it felt pretty pleasant. Cyborg’s attempts to woo Jinx are actually pretty sweet, in a dogged, persistent way, and he *gasp* doesn’t come across as annoying. I think Cyborg is pretty cool when he isn’t hanging with BB.

TTG_ep40_Opposites_Still01Jinx, for her part, is also pretty likeable. She maybe gives in to Cyborg’s affections too easily, but then, I have the impression that Cyborg has been trying a LOT beforehand, so maybe not.

Unfortunately, Robin (Scott Menville) comes off as a jerk. He basically forbids Cyborg to see her…but it was fine for Kid Flash in the original series? And wait…Batman and Catwoman? Hypocrite.

The climax of the episode was really well-done, playing off the first scene of the episode. If some characters are a bit OOC, well…they were doing it for love!

TTG_ep40_Opposites_Still04So, yeah. Solid episode. I guess now we’ll have to see if the upcoming, non-Valentine’s episodes are as good.