3 Reasons Why We’re So Excited For BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS

Unless you’re living underneath a rock  (or maybe you’re not into gaming) you would have heard that Game Informer released their new cover which presented a teaser for the next Batman game: Batman: Arkham Origins.

This was very exciting news. Because the game is set way before the first two, we’ll be playing as a younger, more inexperienced Batman and see how he develops.  There are many reasons to be excited for this game, we’ve picked out the main ones for you.

1) Playing In Gotham

The Batman: Arkham series have to be the greatest Batman games ever made, but they’ve always felt enclosed. This time round the player can finally roam free  in Gotham City without boundaries. It’s not perfect though, because the game is set on Christmas Eve and there won’t be as much civilian activity as you’d expect to see in a city like Gotham. If the new studio fork out a second game it would be really cool to see a lively Gotham city in action. To add to the familiar surroundings of ‘Old Gotham’ a new island called ‘New Gotham’ will be featured in a game world twice the size of Arkham City.

2) A Strong Plot

When you suit up in Gotham again later this year you’ll have quite a challenge. Along with being deprived of most gadgets from the previous games, you’ll have to defeat eight deadly assassins including Deathstroke. Rumours are, that Black Mask will have something to do with the price tag on Batman’s head.

3) Side Missions

Again, we’ve never played an Arkham game that was set properly in Gotham City, so naturally we’ve never stopped everyday crime that happens there. Until now. In the new game there’ll be a new ‘crime in progress feature’ which will let us do the GCPD’s job for them. The game will feature a younger and maybe more skeptical Jim Gordon, it’ll be interesting to see how he plays his cards when it comes to vigilantism and how will his relationship with Batman be in these younger years?

How excited are you for Batman: Arkham Origins?