“Lost” Star Dominic Monaghan Says Co-Star Matthew Fox is a Habitual Woman-Abuser

I know Lost is dead and gone, and to many that’s a good thing. I have my issues with the series, but in general I consider it my favorite completed ongoing-narrative TV drama besides Battlestar Galactica. It will always hold a place as one of the most ambitious, character-driven, and engaging shows of all time, with more than enough time-travel, alternate realities, and electro-magnetic macguffins to be considered nerd entertainment. Which is why it is unfortunate that I just found this Twitter exchange on The Huffington Post between Charlie(Monaghan) and a fan, who was apparently asking the star why Matthew Fox, who played the show’s lead, isn’t using the trendy form of communication like most of Hollywood. Read the juicy gossip below:


@DomsWildThings holla at matthew fox and tell him to get a twitter i beg of you

@omggbeccaa he beats women. No thanks.




@omggbeccaa how do you know we ever did?you don’t know either of us.he beats women.not isolated incidents.often.not interested.


I typically try to stay outside of this type of drama, but seeing as how Jack Shepard(Fox) was a weekly friend and often misguided hero for 6 seasons, I can’t help but find this sad. Call it my inability to separate reality from fantasy, but it’s just disappointing when you spend so much time with a character, and grow to appreciate even the things you don’t like about him and his choices, then the actor behind the character brings such a shame on the entire thing. Of course, we don’t know for sure that there has been more than one incident, besides the well-documented incident in which Fox attacked a female bus driver last year while drunk. That’s really enough to sully the boy scout image of Jack Shepard, but having his longtime co-star call him out publicly, claiming there have been several incidents, and even denouncing their assumed friendship, is pretty much the nail in the coffin as far as public image goes. Man, I thought I was pissed at him for blowing up the island and Juliet.