Iceman Causes Biggest East Coast Storm of the Year! He’s Such a Douche.


New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared a state of emergency for the Hudson Valley, New York City and Long Island. Forecasters anticipate it being the biggest snow storm of the year.  The storm has left hundreds of thousands of people without power, craploads of flights canceled and me cold as hell.

Normally, I don’t mind snow storms because I love snowdays.  Last night, I even went to bed with my pajamas on backwards.  I also performed all my other special snow day rituals- I brushed my teeth with maple syrup, sneezed into the milk and showered only my feet.  The problem was no amount of superstition could help me.  When I awoke this morning there was no snow day.  Some villain decided to start the East Coast snow storm at 7 freakin a.m., therefore ensuring that most schools would not be canceled and we would have to suffer the cold.  What kind of douche-monkey would do that?bobby drake 2

But I knew exactly what dick would do that.  The biggest dumb@$$ in the entire X-Men: ICEMAN, AKA Bobby Drake!  He had another meltdown and decided to make all of NY suffer, again.  Drake got in a little fight with Kitty and had another temper(ature) tantrum? 

When I contacted Mr. Drake about the storm, he had this to say:

You wrote an article about what?  You are an idiot- a fanboy psycho idiot.  You realize I’m fake right?  You are 33 years old and you are still putting your pajamas on backwards to try and get a snowday.  You have major issues.  Who the hell is the editor of your site?  He must be a jack@$$, too.  Why else would he let you post such a dumb article?  Do you live with your mom?

So there you have it.  Further proof that Iceman is a total douchebag.     


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