GODZILLA 2: Would Mothra Really Work?

It’s pretty surreal that a new GODZILLA movie came out a couple of months ago. Fans waited 4 years for it, and now they’re waiting for the Blu-ray. The film itself was very good and disappointed in few aspects. Yes, the first two non-battles were disappointing, but ultimately Gareth Edwards did something a lot of people thought he couldn’t: bring the Japanese monster to American shores with a serious story. America tried and failed miserably 16 years prior, so it was great to finally see this product.

One of the most controversial things about the film was the portrayal of the title monster. This is not controversial in a bad way, rather just unexpected. All of the marketing painted Godzilla as the bringer of destruction upon the human race. In film it’s quite the opposite. G didn’t destroy any buildings on purpose, and he causally swam by ships without bothering to take them out. He showed no malice to humans. In short, he was a hero, the most heroic Godzilla since 1975 in the Showa era. While many were disappointed that he wasn’t a hostile force such as in the original or GMK, many including myself were thrilled to see this portrayal. When people think of Godzilla as a hero, they think of his portrayal in Godzilla vs. Megalon. Now they will think of this film.

Prior to release, there was a ton of speculation who the other monsters G would be fighting. Many fans hoped it would be from TOHO’s library of creatures, and rumors persisted that it was Kumonga or Kamacuras. Eventually Gareth Edwards revealed they would be original monsters. While it was disappointing to hear that, the prospect of new monsters for Godzilla to fight is always exciting. The MUTO creatures definitely did not disappoint. Technically, the film was more about them than the title monster himself! With its very cool and menacing design, Muto remained a treat to watch, both the male and female ones.


Now the question is: who will fight G in Godzilla 2?

Godzilla II is happening, and more likely than not we’ll be seeing a a classic monster from TOHO’s library. Awhile back in a Facebook Q&A when asked which of the TOHO monsters he would like to see put on film, the Director responded, “Now that would spoil the fun.”  There is of course a chance we’ll see another type of Muto in the sequel, but for now let’s go with the idea that Legendary will utilize a monster from TOHO’s library.

Which one would work?


Besides Godzilla, the world’s most popular Japanese monster is Mothra. Indeed, she’s had 4 films all to herself. To many she would be the obvious choice. But if we take a step back and look at it for a second we realize it’s not so cut and dry for her to work. Mothra in all her incarnations is portrayed as guardian, a true hero. She has battled Godzilla a number of times in the classic films of course. All those times she’s battled him he was the antagonist however. In Legendary’s film universe, he is the protagonist, the guardian. There’s not really a feasible way to have the two fight.

Gareth Edwards respects the franchise greatly, so he knows making Mothra an antagonist would be a disservice to her character. Both monsters are guardians, the good guys. A third kaiju would have to be added to serve as the conflict. Of course, that’s not to say Edwards couldn’t find a way to make her the antagonist; skilled directors can make hard things seem possible. Still, it would be very difficult to have just Mothra in the film with G. It worked 50 years ago in Mothra vs. Godzilla, but that’s because G was a malevolent force. What would be her reason for attacking G, or vice versa in this universe? If she’s in it, time will tell. Personally I’d prefer if Edwards used Rodan, but we shall see!